Events+: Display the calendar from the mastersite with all events on the other sites

We have multiple sites inside one Multisite installation and need to display the calendar from the master site with all events on the other sites. If that is not available in Events+ then please make a feature request as this is a very interesting feature if you run i.e. a school with several classes or an university with many courses and all share one events page.

Additional notes:

If multi-site options are enabled, (see below) then this section will also include a means to switch which calendar you are currently editing. Multi-site networks can be configured to allow site administrators to choose which calendar (their own or the global calendar) they are currently contributing to or editing.
If you are working in the primary site for the network, you will see a notice to that effect, as the primary site's local calendar is the global calendar.
Otherwise, you'll see an option to select which calendar you're currently editing – the calendar local to your site on the network or the network's centralized calendar.

Page 8 on that PDF (

One calendar showing on multiple subsites in a multisite
My calendar seems tobe doing that but it would be better to have that actually on events + as events plus can be used in an evenbride style
<any people contributing to one calendar as this my calendar can't do until now.

  • Rupok
    • Support Ninja

    Hi, Andi,

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I hope, more people will vote for this. And more people liking this idea, more chances our developers will work on this and will include this feature in our future releases.

    +1 from me.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Andi
    • The Exporter

    Hmm actually not so happy now as I read and see that here. Yesterday I had a long chat concerning that feature and posted a lot of information about how that actually could be accomplished by the WPMUDEV developer but all of that is missing here now! It really would be nice if that could be added to that threat from the live chat protocol! Thanks!

    Otherwise it would mean I have now to invest again a lot of time to get all that information and links together again!

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Andi,

    I checked notes that were in chat transcript and I edited post and added them. Please check that and let me know if that is it.

    Otherwise it would mean I have now to invest again a lot of time to get all that information and links together again!

    On chat window there is small envelope icon - with it you can send chat transcript to email. This way when you chat you won't loose any information.

    Also, I want to mention that in Events+ there is option to show all the events from whole network in one calendar that can be displayed on any subsite in Multisite.

    For [eab_calendar] and [eab_archive] there is parameter network="yes" that grabs all the events from whole Multisite. It need to be used with Post Indexer plugin

    This does not work between Networks in Multi Network setup, but it will work for subsites in one Multisite.

    kind regards,

  • Andi
    • The Exporter

    Hi Kasia

    Please let the one who developed your Support app know that that email button looks more like it is sending an email to the staff member than a summary to your email account. I would suggest that a text gets added or that the email icon gets adjusted so that it is clear that this is the log file of the chat which will be sent to the customer who is asking the support.


    With Events+ is good to know that it would work with post indexer. Thanks for the hint!

    But what is needed is just the opposite. a calendar which gets displayed on selected subsites.
    It is created on one site but displayed on multi sub-sites.

    What actually can Events+ do

    A - One Master calendar created only on the Master site -> and this master calendar can be displayed on selected subsites
    B - One Master Calendar with events from many sub-calendars -> and this master calendar can be displayed on selected subsites

    C - One User of the Master site can edit/create/delete
    D - Selected users can Edit/Create/delete
    E - Users from subsites can edit/create/delete events on Master calendar
    F - Users of subsites create their own calendars which get collected in that Master Calendar but they can only manage their own subsite calendar

    G - All Events Link to the Master Calendar
    H - Events link to subsites

    There are probably more options I haven’t thought of right now. Please let me know what the case is here.

    Kind regards

  • Andi
    • The Exporter

    Here is the requirement we are actually looking for.

    We need Events+ or another plugin creating a master calendar that can show his events on all three websites. The events should be automatically displayed on three websites as a calendar and not as a list!
    Site Owners should be able to show events on one of the websites based on one or more categories or just show all events. The events should be stored in one place for easy maintenance and editing and should be accessible for any of the editors.

    I tried with events+ the following on a standard seventeen template standard blog.
    We created a Multisite
    RootSite of Multisite
    Site 1 we created Event 1A (with EventCat 1 and EventCat 2) and Event 1B (with EventCat2)
    Site 2 we created Event 2A (with EventCat 1 and EventCat 3)
    Site 3 we created Event 3A (with EventCat 3)

    The Event Categories are on all subsites identical.

    We created 2 widgets on the Home Page of each site. One displaying the global calendar and the other the Local Calendar with only the events of the site.

    There is, unfortunately, no way to choose a category for the global or local calendar and there is also no i.e. dropdown available to get a better overview of especially global events and display only the events of a chosen category (i.e. chosen via drop-down)

    The Overview Page shows the Calendar (Month)
    but unfortunately, only the events created for that site! and not all events from the Global Calendar and there is also no Category Chooser which would be very important on the Home Page Calendars. On the events Page Calendars those categories could be chosen via shortcode as I understood it but it is not really working!

    The Post Indexer is activated.
    What is the post type of Events - as this might be a problem!

    Thanks ( I granted also access by the way)

    Kind regards

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Andi,

    I'm sorry - I should mention that before, that you need to add custom post type to post indexer for events. And then run again indexing, so it will find all the events.
    Events type is "incsub_event". You can check post type when you edit it or add it. It shows in the url for all custom posts types:

    [image pos="0"]

    In Events+ there is no such thing as global events or categories - there are events that are on each subsite, with own categories, they can be edited only on those subsites.
    By using

    [eab_calendar network="yes"]

    you can display events from whole network (events that are indexed by Post Indexer) on any subsite.

    kind regards,

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