Events+ double posting on single entry page


i just installed events+ and made a test event. on the single entry page, the entry shows up twice. comment box, author box and all

is there any way to fix that?

  • odotjdot
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    no i did not. the staff never came back to help me for whatever reason. i had to purchase another solution. (that was waaaay too expensive)

    i was rather disappointed. i paid for the membership to get support that they claim to offer.

    oh well.

    if you figure it out, please let me know. I have other projects that id like to not have to pay for an additional calendar license for lol!

  • Vaughan
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    how have you entered your events? can you take screenshots of your settings?

    @socialpower does it work with the 2012 theme? i have to ask. if it works with 2012 theme, then it has to be something in your theme, what else could it be? if it was a plugin conflict, it would happen regardless of theme.

    can you turn on WP_DEBUG in wp-config.php

    also is there anything in your error_log on the server.

    most issues like that with double posting are theme issues, most of the time the developer of the theme can offer a solution to fix.

    it's always plugins that get the blame even when it's the theme that's not following proper wordpress coding standards.

    a step by step of how you setup & entered the events so we can try & replicate the issue.

    alternatively, you can send us your site details to take a look. but if it is the theme at fault, it's not something we can always fix as reviewing other peoples code is time consuming, if it was 1 of our themes, that's a different story entirely & we are in a position to fix that because the developer knows the theme code well.

    if you would like us to check your settings, can you send site details using the below contact form

    please include a reference to this thread & mark for my attention.

    if on multisite please make sure the details are for a super-admin account.


  • Social Power
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    I switched my site to the default theme and the problem remains. Here is the URL again:

    It seems like it could be an issue with the "Weekly Event Calendar" add-on that I activated from within the plugin's settings page.

    I set up a single, basic even from 12:00 to 13:00, and in addition to occupying it's slot on the calendar, it occupies the slot before and after it. This can be seen on the link I provided above.

    I'm sending login credentials via the link you gave me in your post, Vaughan.


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