Events+ duplicate titles and meta description

Our analytics software ( Agency Analytics ) has come across almost 4000 pages worth of duplicate titles and meta descriptions, all created by the events plugin, It's to do with the calendar pages, so we have hundreds and hundreds of pages that are essentially the same. For some reason the calendar even dates back to the 1960's and as far forward as 2060, potentially further

The recurring events like these - /events/2018/01/canna-yoga-the-painted-yogi-2

And the calendar months, like these - /events/2017/12

All have the same title and the same meta descriptions.
I also noticed the calendar spans over 100 years, with each year having 12 separate pages, we have at least 100x12 pages of duplicate meta descriptions and titles.
I would like to know if there is a possible solution like this for example
Indexes the main event, but any subsequent ones would not be. And when the date of the event A passes, then that drops off and event B becomes the main event.

Can we also stop the calendar from being so long ? We only need it to be max 24 months long.

  • Ash

    Hello SKC

    This happens for the recurring events. As a matter of fact, recurring events are just same copy of each other, those are completely identical to each other.

    You can manually change though, after creating a recurring event you can edit every instances and there you can change the meta, page title and content etc.

    About the "main event" question, how's about enabling "Immediately expire past events" addon? This addon will make an event expired as soon the event is passed.

    About the long calendar, I am marking this as a feature request. Let's see how other members think about this. Have a nice day!


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