Events+ easier registration process

I have Events+ setup on my subsite,

It's working great so far, I have a few adjustments I'd love to make.

For each New Event created by clients,
I'd like to have a simple, straightforward registration process their registrants.

1. As opposed to them having to click the "I'm attending" button, I'd like to have the registration form take place on the events page.

Basically, it would resemble this registration form attached below from Constant Contact.

So the user can read all the details of the event, fill out the registration form and pay all at one time.

Then all of the user data would still appear in that specific event as usual.

Can I have some help with this?

I know about the Add-on fields with Event+ but it's limited.

Also I've looked through some forums for this answer but they're either outdated or not exactly what I'm describing.

Some assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • James Morris

    Hello Mogul Naj,

    I hope you are well.

    I'm afraid your screenshot didn't get posted. Could you describe in a little more detail what it is you're wanting on your form?

    Events+ does support template overriding. What you would need to do is log into your site via FTP and navigate to the following directory:


    In that folder, you will find 3 directories... calendar, default and full-width. In each of these folders, you'll see 2 or 3 files, depending... archive-incsub_event.php, single-incsub_event.php and events.css.

    What you would need to do is copy the PHP files into your active theme's directory and copy the CSS fromt he events.css file into your theme's stylesheet. From there, it's a matter of just editing the templates much the same way that you edit a theme's template files.

    I hope this clarifies a bit.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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