[Events +] Event + front page editing activated not showing

The chat support looked into this issue already. But was not able to solve it yet. It seems an odd issue. Event+ plugin active, also event capabilities and front-end editing. I implemented the shortcode on my event form page in my subsite.
- chat support looked into my capabilities roles settings
- on advice, I disabled my divi theme layout
- and I disabled my membership pro privacy/member setting
Now the URL is accessible for all visitors but,
- they dont get the form to see https://www.screencast.com/t/GtTgTFsx0J
- also not if a member is logged into the wp dashboard
- Only me as an admin see the form if I am logged into WP https://www.screencast.com/t/ORyb8mAsq0lt
How can I solve this?

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    Maybe we need to start looking how my Membership 2 pro protection rules are working. Since I do not think the levels/protection and capabilities are running smooth.
    I just tried to solve the issue with turning on Membership 2 capabilities, but it seems the user roles are not controlled by the membership plugin.
    Definitely, I do not get needed protection rules as in the tutorial https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/membership/#product-usage

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    Well, good news for now. I can add events as a none admin users.
    I don't know what fixed it. Although I have done many experiments with Membership 2 Pro (including a reinstall of the plugin and redefining protection rules). I also deleted my wpmudev Multisite Privacy plugin.

    I do not have the membership add-on capabilities active.

    So, basically, I added the "event form" page to the default membership level under "protection rules > pages" in membership 2 pro. Let me know if it worked for you too.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Avatar

    I just tested this again on my end and I can say that with Membership's capabilities add-on disabled, it works for me fine in following cases (I tested with regular subscriber user):

    - if "even form" is not protected by any membership, subscriber can use it

    - if "event form" is protected by any membership except "default" type - non-member subscriber can't use it and members of other memberships than the one used to protect it can't use it as well

    - in the same case as above, subscriber being member of a protecting membership can use it

    - if "even form" is protected by only "default" type membership: non-member subscriber can use it (which is expected because "default" membership covers all logged in users not being members of any memberships) but other users (members of other memberships) cannot use it

    - if it's covered by "default" type membership and other memberships of standard type - it can be accessed by "non-members subscribers" and members of those other protecting memberships.

    I'd say then that this seems to be working pretty much as expected. The "capabilities" add-on of Events+ though is an additional aspect and apart from being able to access the page, users must also be allowed to actually use it by setting permissions via that add-on. But that's a different thing and I assume you got that set as you want it to be set.

    So I think it should be fine for you as long as you don't enable the Membership 2 Pro capabilities add on and while you don't exactly know how you fixed it, I'd say you just managed to "clean up" some Events+ capabilites/Membership 2 Pro Protection rules that were "overlapping" in some ways and we all have missed them :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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