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All of our "Events" are being flagged by Google as not up to snuff for rich search results, because they are only partially compliant with Schema.org/Events. Does Events+ have a way to either fill in the appropriate fields to make all entries compliant, or a way to remove Schema.org markup from the events listings entirely, if we don't want to use it?

  • kalico
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    Here is a screenshot of our Google error messages. You can see that in the source code on the right, there's an itemtype=schema.org/Event, but the only property being provided is the "name". So to Google, we're missing all the other information about the event that's required for rich results, and it therefore returns TONS of error messages (we have events listed on all the major pages of our site, including archived events, since we provide videos from those events…..so there are LOTS of them).

    If this isn't going to be fully supported by Events+, then I would like to have a way to just turn off Schema.org markup entirely.


  • viobru
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    Hi, Kalico!

    Hope you are doing great :slight_smile:

    I re-checked the event from your site onGoogle Structured Data Testing Tool and I can see the location error listed:

    Since I have no access to your site, to check if this is the expected behavior of the plugin, I checked an event from my testing site and, as you can see, on my event the Location of it is properly recognized by Google:

    This information is pulled from Event Details > Event Location:

    I also checked if the error was there if there was actually no location set for an event and it turned out that this seems to be the reason for getting the Location error. As you can see on this other event, if there is no location set, the scan returns the location error:

    Please, check if there is any location set for the events on your site and, if not, please add it (if those are online events you can just add “online”) and check if the issue is there after that. If there is a location set already or if the issue persists after adding it, please grant support access to your site so we can have a closer look at this.

    Kind regards,


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