[Events +] Events+ - possible bug in "order" parameter

I have noticed that Events+ isn't displaying my list of events correctly when using the "order" parameter. My site is pretty complex, so there might be a conflict. So before we try to run that down, can you check in a test environment that is "clean" and see if there's a bug? Here's the results I'm getting:

eab_expired - ASC - newest at the bottom
eab_expired - DESC - newest at the top

eab_archive - DESC - newest at the bottom << might be a BUG, should be at the top
eab_archive - ASC - newest at the bottom


  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello kalico,

    We did some tests and

    [eab_archive order="ASC"] order the events from closest event(in term of occurring date) to further one (this is also default view).

    [eab_archive order="DESC"] is the other way around.

    So when eab_archive with DESC shows newest on the bottom that is correct.
    But if on your site eab_archive - ASC shows newest at the bottom (when it comes when the even will be happening) then it looks like it is not working correctly on your site.
    But ASC should give result the same like when there is no order attribute. When you remove order from eab_archive - what is result?

    kind regards,

  • kalico

    Oy! Thank you, Kasia. I think I got it sorted on my side now, and there's no bug, just confusion.

    My interpretation of what was going on was confounded by the complexities of the setup on my side, not by an actual "problem". We use eab_expired to show "past" events and eab_archive to show "upcoming" events. On the same page.

    And "archive" means "past" to me, so getting my head wrapped around my own page code and remembering what it's supposed to do is daunting :slight_smile:

    I found a little trick recently, which I implemented in this case: a neat little plugin called Notely by Michael Ott. It adds a new metabox into the Posts and Pages (and Woo Commerce Products) admin sidebar for making notes. I wrote myself a note for future reference to clarify how we use these shortcodes.

    Thanks for the help!

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