Events+ expired list orders posts by published date instead of event date

I have a page that displays multiple [eab_expired] lists, each one in a tab (tabs created by a plugin). I thought it was working great, but just today someone posted a new event that didn’t show up in the correct order.

We expected it to show up at the top of the list, because it just happened. Instead, it was 2nd in the list. I discovered that the published date was messing it up — when I changed the publish date to a more recent date, then the event popped up to the top. Apparently this is the first time that we’ve published something out of order (compared to event dates) and it exposed the problem.

From other posts I’ve read, the plugin should be using the event date for ordering, not the published date. But I can directly affect the order of posts in [eab_expired] just by changing the published date.

I tried adding order=ASC or order=DESC to the shortcode, but it didn’t change anything. However, changing the publishing date reliably changes the order.]

So I’ve got two things I’m wondering about….but the real culprit could be something else entirely.

Aside from that, the only other thing I can think of is my template for displaying this shortcode. So, here is a gist:

I’ve opened up support access, and in the “info” box, I put three URLs:

– our main Events page, where the [eab_expired] shortcodes live

– the two events that are showing up in the wrong order

I will be greatly appreciative of any assistance in sorting this out. Thanks!