Events+ Featured Image front end allows access to entire media library

I have both Directory and Events + installed, and only want users to be able to access their own files in the media library. I do not want them to see all the images in the entire library. So far this is mostly working like I want.

I'm using both the Directory and Events front-end editor forms. There are two ways to put images in – "set featured image" link, and "add media" link.

In both plugins, the "add media" button works correctly, only showing the user the images they have uploaded. Same for "set featured image" in the Directory plugin.

But in Events+, "set featured image" allows the user access to the entire media library, not just the images that only they uploaded. It also has a different UI than the other three image uploaders, so I'm not sure what the difference is.

I really need to control the media library access. Any thoughts on how to make Events "set featured image" behave like everyone else?