events+ front page editing - eab-events-front_page_editing.php

Hi, I want to 'pretify' the front page editor - just rearrange some of the order and change some of the language.

I can make it work by modifying the original file - eab-events-front_page_editing.php, but i'd rather leave that file intact and make a modified copy. My question is 'Where do I put that modified copy? :S'

  • PC

    @VladislavHey there,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    I'd suggest you to make changes to the same copy which is already there.

    However if you are making core modifications, I'd recommend you to make sure that you keep a track of things while updating the plugin as it will overwrite your changes.

    If you can, try to use hooks and create a separate plugin which can change the behavior of the frontend editor.

    Let me see if @Vladislav can help us with the same by letting us know if there are hooks for the frontend editor to help us achieve the changes.

    He should be around soon.

    Cheers, PC

  • Vladislav


    Actually, you could just convert this file to a mu-plugin by copying it to the wp-content/mu-plugins directory. You would also have to disable the standard add-on on which the mu-plugin was based, as your new mu-plugin would be automatically loaded with WordPress - basically, it would still use the Events+ API just like it did, but it'd work outside the Events+ add-on system. Also, due to the way mu-plugins work, you would want to postpone the initialization (the Eab_Events_FrontPageEditing::serve(); call) so it gets called on "plugins_loaded" hook. I hope this helps.

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