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Hi, I have been trying to use appointments+ for a booking system but after much trial and error I dont think it is suitable for my needs - due to the fact I need to make multiple bookings on one time slot. Could you tell me if the events plugin will be better, before I pay my money and spend another few days playing around with it. I need someway of booking training events, and paying for it but also cross referencing that event to the person who is taking it so you can see their availability for the day, to help allocate the days training. Thanks.

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    We're actually currently working on a plugin called Bookings+ to better accomodate this kind of need, but it's not yet ready for release nor do we have a beta. So for now, Events+ would be the best option.

    Here's something I can recommend, but the one thing this doesn't address is checking with the person's availability

    So what you need is multiple calendars for events - one per user. With Events+ you could add all of your events, then add a category to each event for the user whose calendar it should be applied to.

    Then you can use the [eab_calendar] shortcode to a page. Because we've assigned the events into categories, we can target them with CSS to make only certain events show up in the calendar view.

    I know it's not a complete solution, and a bit of a workaround. But for now there's not much else we can do until Bookings+ is ready for release. I don't have an ETA on when it will be available.

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