Events+ How to include extra fields in RSVP export?


I have been trying to figure this out for a while and even piped in on this thread:

Can someone help me out with this?

I am using events+, Marketplace and membership plugins.

I have uploaded this code snippet that @Vladislav posted in the linked thread to my functions.php file and I am trying to get the following fields to work with the code but so far have been unsuccessful. Could you please help me out? I want to export the following: First Name, Last Name, Membership Type, Email Address, Address, City, State.

//Events CSV Export - Add custom fields
function my_eab_inject_export_columns ($row, $event, $booking, $user) {
	if (empty($user->ID)) return $row;

	// The <code>$fields</code> array is the data you obtain from your plugin...
	$fields = array(
		'First Name' => 'field_1',
		'Last Name' => 'field_6',
		'Membership Type' => 'Subscription=1-4', //We have 4 levels of subscriptions Im not sure how to distinguish within the code
		'Email' => 'signup_email',
		'Address' => 'field_2',
		'City' => 'field_3',
		'State' => 'field_4',
		'Zip' => 'field_5',
		'Phone' => 'field_7'

	// We're using a hardcoded sample here

	foreach ($fields as $key => $value) {
		$row[$key] = $value;

	return $row;
add_filter('eab-exporter-csv-row', 'my_eab_inject_export_columns', 10, 4);

The membership registration form is where im trying to pull this information.