Events: I'm Attending button; Logged in or not; Locations page


Here's my client's site:

I'm using your Events plugin, and I'm handling membership with the S2Member Pro plugin.

When a non-logged in person clicks on the 'I'm Attending' button they only seem to have the option to log in with the social networks, not with the site itself.

Which is different from how it worked yesterday, in which clicking 'I'm Attending' led to the regular Membership Registration page ( which is way overkill if all the person wants to do is attend an event and they're not already a member.


1. Just a comment, actually. I'm not sure why the destinations changed from yesterday to today...perhaps the plugin is being changed frequently?

2. Pressing any of the event buttons brings up the social network logins, which I'm still trying to figure out how to set up. But, the big question is, what if the person is a member of the site and not logged in - I don't want to send them to the Member Registration page: they should just go to this page so that they can log in and be taken, automatically, back to that single Events page. How do I set that in the Settings?

3. What if someone would like to Register as a Member: should I just add that as an option on the wp-login.php page, and if so, how do I get them back to the single event page they were looking at automatically.

4. what's the slug for a venue Locations page that people can access whether logged in or not?