Events in a wordpress site


Since forever I’m struggling trying to find a good plugin for handling events.

I’ve tried many and either they’re poorly developed, have a lack of features or are too complex and farraginous. In a nutshell, I’m still unsatisfied.

Too bad that WPMUDEV doesn’t provide a plugin for that.

What the plugin should do is:

– Use custom post types

– Allow to call a query with the next events, with upcoming events at the top

– Filter/hide expired events

– Allow customization of event’s data (e.g., how to display the starting/ending date/time, hide time when is a full day event, different layouts for different kind of events, etc).

Frankly I think I could easily do all of that by myself, with just some code. The only thing that I wouldn’t know how to do is how to hide expired events, in case I want to show them in the home page.

I wonder if anyone has some advice for a plugin or even custom code.