Events+ Latest update bugs

After update to latest version of Events+ was able to notice following issues:

1) The latest version of Events+ doesn’t allow to set the time for an event, I have rolled back to previous version, and now it works fine.

2) Latest update change log points out “Fixed: Calendar jump months”, but the issue still exists when tested in my system. Is this issue fixed?

3) In version 1.9.8, when the following shortcode is used:

[eab_calendar navigation=yes show_excerpt=”yes” excerpt_length=”100″]

It lists all the expired events in the calendar, once updated to latest version it doesn’t show expired events.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello kalico

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    I’ve tested the first two issues on my own site with freshly installed (just to make sure that I’m not on any “beta” version or any “patched” release) Events+ but I must say I couldn’t replicate this.

    I had no issues with setting dates and times for events, the date picker is showing up fine. I didn’t experience any “months skipping” either. That was supposed to be fixed in the recent release and it seems to be. It’s possible that the fix still needs some “tweaking” but that would mean that it’s somehow related to certain environments and might depend on either other plugins or some specific site configuration.

    I’d like to test it more but since I can’t replicate it and you have downgraded to the previous release (which is understandable in this case) would there be any chance I could actually test it on your site? If not update back to current release then would it be possible that you set a staging site and let me access it – with the plugin updated?

    This would be a huge help as I could also ask our developers to check it there directly so they could “fix the fix” if necessary.

    As for the shortcode. It’s actually not supposed to show old events and it shouldn’t do it, that was basically a glitch in the calendar/shortcode code. But it’s still possible to show them, the shortcode just needs an additional attribute (as explained in shortcode description on “Events -> Shortcodes” page):

    [eab_calendar navigation=yes show_excerpt="yes" excerpt_length="100" show_old="yes"]

    Let me know please about possible testing/staging site and I’ll continue investigating the issue.

    Kind regards,


  • kalico
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi Adam,

    I will set up a test environment for you, but it won’t be on this server. I have to take this one offline and do the updates on my production server. That will be with the 1.9.8 version, so that it works properly for users.

    I do have a dev server, which has not yet been updated, but I will do that today and then provide access to it. That one will stay around for a while, and give you time to test there.

    I’m VERY happy to see that there is now a parameter for “show old” in the shortcode! That is something we wanted a few years ago, and it wasn’t an option. I was very happy to see the “bug” that was allowing them to show up, and was going to beg that you not “fix” it :smiley:

    I’ll write back here when I have a more stable environment for you to do further tests.

    Thanks for your attention to this :slight_smile:

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