Events + Limit Capacity Plugin

Once again, I come knocking on your door with Events trouble.

This time, it's with the Limited capacity Events sub-plugin. I can specify the number of available tickets, but the front end just ignores it and puts the RSVP buttons up anyway. I actually had 3 people (testers) registered for an event that was limited to 2 tickets. Bad news.

What is going on? And why doesn't anything with this plugin just work the way it is intended to without hacking the code?!?

- Jonathan

  • Jonathan Potter

    Ok, so I figured it out.

    In eab-events-limit_capacity.php, there is an IF construct that identifies how many RSVPs have been made to date. And it returns zero, no matter what the real number.

    However, there is another snippet of code just above it that is commented out, and which does the same thing. So in eab-events-limit_capacity.php, I removed the comment tags from lines 73 to 77, and placed them around lines 79 and 80. And now it works.

    Kudos to the developer for at least putting the working code in the document! I assume that it is either a debug method or a backup for when something breaks. Anyway, happy to find it.

    I'm sending the beta launch site to the client tonight, so hopefully I'll be done harping on the Events + plugin for a while. Next stop: Membership and Fundraising. Look out! :smiley:

    - Jonathan

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