Events+ logins not working properly with FB and Twitter

I have installed the Events+ plugin and adjusted the settings. It is all working well except the Facebook and Twitter logins.

In facebook i have setup a basic "Website with Facebook Login" app. After someone chooses "I'm attending" they can login via Facebook and allow the app but then there is a "Please, wait" notice and an ever loading symbol on the event page. However, the person is registered at the event. This is annoying as I'm sure people should see the "attending" message to know their proposed attendance has been acknowledged.

Also, with the FB login, no picture is posted next to the FB timeline post even though I have added a featured image to the event and included an image in the event post itself. How do I get an image into the FB post?

If you try to register using twitter, a window pops up with nothing in it and nothing happens (it eventually times out). I have setup the consumer key and secret.

Can you help?