Events+ Members Dashboard

Hi, I’ve installed Events+ and entered the site as subscriber to make a test.

I’ve noticed that it is possible for a subscriber to create an event.

What kind of events he can create? Can I block this feature?

Can I show only the site’s events in a members dashboard?

Thank you very much!

Adriano Valle

  • digitsoft
    • The Crimson Coder

    You can change what people can do here:

    Events/Settings, activate Capabilities at the bottom, and then you’ll see a drop down list of roles at the bottom that you can change. So in this case select Visitor, choose what you want them to be able to do, and then click Save Changes.

    Is this in a multisite install?


  • XadrezValle
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thank you, Rob!

    Thank you, Joe!

    Becoming a WPMU DEV member is like entering a new dimension, where everything is becoming clear! In addition, the quality of plugins, themes, support and the friendship of people here is very, very motivating to me.

    Rob, my site is a single WP, but soon I want to learn about multisites.

    I have a e-learning project and I want to grow step by step with the help of all the masters here.

    I will now examine the capabitlities functions of the plugin.


    ok! it is done!

    I have one old plugin installed to set roles…I like it, but futurely I want to test membership and others!

    Best regards, Rob and Joe!


  • digitsoft
    • The Crimson Coder

    Glad to help!

    There are some amazing people here, so start playing around and when you get stumped post again :wink:

    Since you’re learning I suggest that you do your best to Google for an answer and try it before posting – this will actually help you learn way faster than just asking.

    Tips for your testing phase:

    1. Always backup your database before installing plugins

    – this allows you to revert easily if a plugin causes problems or adds tables you don’t want

    2. Set up a single site and a multisite on different domains

    3. When you have problems (you will), always try just having 1 plugin enabled and test against a base theme like Twenty Eleven

    4. Do daily backups of all data

    – your hosting provider should do this already, but check

    Have fun and remember – a good backup usually solves all problems :wink:

  • XadrezValle
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thank you for the tips, Rob!

    I have a backup shedulled to DropBox every Friday…amateur practice, isn’t it!?

    I begin to translate Events+ to Portuguese using Poedit…am I on the right way?

    Or can I find some pt_BR translation already done for this plugin?

    My site is

    Only this year I’ve decided to go deeper in learning about the science and art of coding.

    My secret desire is to change my template to a modern one (like WPMU Dev Themes)…and I have been very conservative since I installed WP (3 years ago) in my server and have chosen the first free template that was pleasant to my eyes.

    I have a preconceived idea that changing a template can disturb all my done work if something goes wrong.

    I will begin my first online course on next monday but soon I want to change this site template or open another site (maybe multisites, or buddypress…I have to study the tutorials) to offers many courses and other services…and with the membership plugin configured.

    Joe, Thank you for WPMU Dev services!

    ps.: sorry for my english, I am trying to “upgrade” it, too. :slight_smile:

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