Events+ & Membership 2 Pro integration - payment options and pricing disappear

I am testing running Events+ and Membership 2 Pro together, as they should provide the exact functionality I need to finish and hand over a site.

However, when I enable the Add-On for Events+ to integrate with Membership 2 Pro the pricing disappears and the payment options are not displayed when someone selects to go to the event!

I had this trouble on the site I was building, so did a simple install of WordPress with just these 2 plugins installed. I have enabled also activated the Manual Payments and Limited Capacity add-ons for Events+ as the club will need to accept payment by cheque/cash from some members.

I have just tested again with the Membership2 Integration add-on disabled and it works as expected - however, the club require that members are charged differently to members of the general public (which should be exactly what is delivered by the Integration add-on).

I have also tried with the Membership integration active but the Manual Payments and Limited Capacity add-ons diabled - but this just gives the same problem that pricing and payment details are not displayed.

Am I missing something?