Events + My Events will not "publish"


My site is currently under development and I'm looking for an event plugin that will integrate with BuddyPress and allow users to create their own events, which will be displayed both on their BuddyPress profile page as well as general calendar of all user-submitted events.

I'm having troubling getting Events + to allow me to submit an event from a user's BuddyPress page. I've gotten it set up so that a user can add an event, but when I push "publish" I get an error. It also will not allow me to upload a photo.

I've given you site access , so please feel free to take a look, and create any test events or users you'd like.

I am also looking for help with general BuddyPress styling. Is that something WPMU Dev can help with?



  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there Kim,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    I've just been checking this and when adding a event from the front-end, I can see that the post request is returning a 200 (ok), but yet it still displays an error and doesn't post.

    Can you test for a plugin conflict please using the attached screenshot?

    I am also looking for help with general BuddyPress styling. Is that something WPMU Dev can help with?

    Sure, we can help with general style advice etc, it may be best to open a new thread for that, so we can keep this one to the events+ issue, but we'll be right along to help :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • Kim

    Hi Jack:

    Thanks for the quick reply. So, I went through the above test and did end up with "bug in Events +". The only plugin I did NOT deactivate in addition to Events + is BuddyPress, because obviously I need that activated to test the problem. (I'm assuming Events + is compatible with BuddyPress or it wouldn't come up when I click on BuddyPress in your plugin list.)

    What's more puzzling is that another person working on the site with me was able to enter an event from the BuddyPress profile on a different computer. We are both using the latest version of Chrome. However every time I try, I fail.

    I am able to enter an event from the Dashboard, however this event doesn't show up in the main Events page list. Is there an obvious setting I'm missing to make that happen?

    So, I'm stymied.... any ideas? I would really like to make Events + work as I really like the styling much better than anything else I've found.

    Thanks if you can help!


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