Events not appearing on linka

Here is the links that wordpress say should locate the content:-

This link works thou :-

My ultiamte goal is to charge people who want membership per year(they receive other benfits not related to the site.)

The site is a booking site for kids classes:
1 event = 10am to 12am for 5 days @ £50 <-non member price £45 <-for Member Price

Also on sign up of event I would like to use a form\registration to collect the childs information.

I have RegistrationMagic Premium for the forms, they use shortcodes so would the same method for gravity forms workaround also work with this?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Alex,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I must say I'm not quite sure if I'm following you on this. From the title of your post, I understand that events are not appearing on the page where they should. If I'm correct that would be the first issue. Is that correct?

    Then there's the issue of member/non-member pricing. That's doable with the Membership 2 Pro plugin as it integrates with it. You'll find the Membership 2 Pro plugin here:

    When you got it installed and memberships are created, you can then enable "Membership 2 Integration" add-on on "Events+ -> Settings -> Add-ons" page and you'll be able to set different prices for each paid event, depending on a membership - there can be a different price for "non-members" and separate prices for members of various memberships.

    That plugin would also cover membership handling, including registration and payment processing.

    The Membership 2 Pro plugin does not let you gather additional information about a user "on its own". It can, however, work with Gravity Forms (with its registration add-on) so you can use Gravity Forms for user registration.

    Does this help a bit? If you got any additional questions or I missed something, let me know please.

    As for the first issue (events not appearing on the page). I tried to check your site and I see that you have even granted a support access but it seems that the site is additionally protected with .htaccess password so I'm not able to get into it.

    If you could temporarily disable that protection, I could then check the site and investigate the issue. Let me know please.

    Best regards,

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