events not displaying archive page in genesis

I'm using a Genesis child theme in my network. I just installed the events + plugin and can get single events to display just fine. However, the /events/ (which I did not change) does not display.

I don't know for sure, but maybe there's an issue because it's genesis. Please let me know what I could possible check to get this working.


  • Micha

    Update.... I got the events working by putting a short code on a page. The error I was getting was trying to visit the slug, which I assumed would also be the archive. But, if this plugin doesn't have a true archive, which it doesn't seem to, then this could have been my problem.

    Either way, I have a working event now.

    That said, I'm very disappointed in the overall layout of the event single pages, including the different style options. All of them have the price BEFORE any of the event details. This is incredible odd for anyone trying to market anything. It's extremely rare to ask a price before you've been given a chance to provide/prove some value. Why you guys did this is completely beyond me.

    However, now it looks like I need some instructions on modifying these so I can make one that has the pricing below the description. Can you please provide me with that info or where I may find it?


  • Micha

    Hey thanks. I can't share a URL because I don't have a real live event yet as I'm still working on the copy. Here's two screen shots, one from the events page and the other of the single event.

    Note, in addition to not being happy about the pricing being above the content on the single event, I really wish there was an option to choose to display part of the description of the event, much like a blog archive page can be set to show some of what a blog is about. I feel that a headline alone on the root page isn't really enough to entice anyone to visit the page, especially since there's no featured image displaying and the formatting is so incredibly basic.

    Basically, I like simplicity of your event system, but at the same time I feel it's a bitt oversimplified and doesn't really allow much flexibility in the way of displaying, which is not a good thing for my needs (and likely many others).

    Please review these screen shots and let me know what can be done, if anything. If nothing much can be done, I'll probably just switch to another event system, but I'd rather stick with your system because I have multiple WPMU plugs on this multi-site.


  • Aicee Taguilaso

    Hi Micha!

    Just want to make sure we're on the same page here.

    I'm not sure I'm seeing this issue from the screenshots you provided:

    "All of them have the price BEFORE any of the event details."

    I think for the formatting, you'll have to use some CSS to adjust what you want it to look. For adding featured image, you may try this:

    Let me know if you have more questions.


  • Micha

    I'm not sure what's confusing here. Look at the second screen shot I attached, which is the single event page.

    You'll notice that the ticket container is above the event details. Also, just under "about this event" you list where, when, and how much.

    THEN, and only then, does the single event page show the event details.

    CSS will not alter the order of these items being displayed.

    What us users are left with is an event page that immediately asks for ticket purchase, then shows when, where, and how much, then finally shows the copy about what the event details actually are.

    This is quite literally the opposite order that one would expect. I would want to see Title, maybe when and where, then the event details, then the price and ticket information.

    This is just simple sales psychology. Your suggestion of using CSS to effect styling doesn't work here. CSS doesn't change the order in which elements appear.

    What I'm asking here is that you build in an option to effect this order OR that you simply change the order. I can't imaging anyone actually wanting this layout. Maybe some are used to it or have coded their own layouts, but I find it silly that you are providing a "professional" event solution and this extremely basic thing isn't already there. I was shocked when I realized there was no setting to change this.

    Please advise. Thanks.

  • Ash

    Hello @Micha

    I hope you are well today.

    We can use custom template for events in your theme, like:
    for archive: archive-incsub_event.php
    for single event: single-incsub_event.php

    But for that, I need to check the theme you are using. Would you please send me your theme so that I can try to make a custom template for you?

    You can email me to with subject line "Attn_Ash" a link of this thread.


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