Events not Displaying on the Calendar

On his site, under LOCAL LISTINGS, the EVENTS calendar is displayed. As we worked on it a couple of days ago, we didn't notice anything unusual. Logged in, guiding him through the update process, we successfully added the first event for this coming weekend.

After that, the client went home and continued adding events. He just pinged me with a question about why all his new updates are not displaying. Visiting the site, I still saw them all -- I was logged in. It wasn't till the next day, he informs me that they're only visible when logged in. When logged out, they are not -- only the first one we did together displays.

I've checked everything I can think of. All the settings are normal. Each Event is Published, Public, and accurately dated. Each weekend in November should be booked solid.

Any experience with a similar issue that might help us resolve this?

Cheers, Lee