Events + not displaying properly

I set up Events + over the weekend & had added my first event. At that time it appeared to be working & displaying the event.

When I went to log on today, the event stopped displaying. I tried several different things to get it to work, including the chat here. Originally, I had the slug set for /events/, but then removed it today as the info button says it's not needed as the plugin automatically defaults to that slug anyways...but it won't display on that slug at all!

The chat support was really helpful, made a new page & new slug so it would display, but I need it on the /events/ slug, nothing longer.

Chat support then said there was a serious issue and I needed to start one of these threads.

Please help me get this sorted as I really need this to be working asap.

PS - my aim is to have the events listed (not in calendar format), accessible from my main menu at the top of the site.