Events not saving

Events aren't saving. The permalinks had /2013/3/0 and whenever I tried saving, the save cursor would never stop spinning - I tried leaving it and after 7 hours, it was still trying to save.

I tried to work around it by using QuickEdit and changing the slug and the status from "draft" to "published". This appeared to work at first. However, when I edited the event to check, there was no content in the content area.

I added content, changed some event settings (e.g., price). Clicked update and unchecked "Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page." - just in case that was the cause of the long amount of time trying to save.

I then clicked back to the events list, then edited the event to see if the event had saved. The changes weren't saved. See "event-item-entered.png" then "event-item-edit.png".

Note: One event I created did save and work. That was 3 days prior to having this problem.

I have not updated or added any new plugins since it worked - so it seems unlikely to be a plugin issue?

On top of that, now when I try to view events, the events landing page says, "Nothing found".

The site can be found at:

I'm using Events+ 1.5.3 with WordPress 3.5.1

I've changed the events+ slug to "/bookings"

I'll attach some screenshots to illustrate the problem. In the screenshot with the events list, the green boxed event works, the red boxed events don't.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. @Patrick ? someone? :slight_smile: