Events+ Optimizing "Events Maps Options"


Could the "Events Maps Options" somehow be better integrated with Events+ so that an WP Editor (in person) doesn't need to copy shortcodes and paste these in?

Ideally just by typing the address in an "Event location" field (when creating an event) and this will then show on Google Map. It would be nice to also have an option of creating a list of popular "venue places" (addresses) and be able to choose these from a dropdown list.


  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi Mending,

    I will add this as a feature request, but I doubt the developer will want to change the way the Shortcodes work, since Shortcodes are a standard WordPress system that many WordPress developers and editors are already familiar with.

    That said... who knows! The developer might like your idea and add it.

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    There are several ways to attach maps to your events, and making use of the map shortcode is just one of them - most useful in case you want to re-use the maps you already created for one of your events. However, the easiest way for attaching a map to your event is probably just entering the full address in the venue location field. Provided you have our Google Maps plugin installed (as that's what we use internally to bring the mapping functionality), the address should be automatically geolocated and a map will be created from this info. The more precise the address (including city name), the better the end results will be.

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