Events+ option to edit RSVPs buttons

I would like to have the ability to edit/remove RSVPs options like.

As an example, I’d like to remove the Maybe option from the RSVP options, so it would be great to have such settings in the Events plugin.

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    While you can’t do that right now, you can still edit the script, the buttons are located in the ‘get_rsvp_form($post)’ function. For instance, here’s the line for ‘Maybe’ button:

    $content .= apply_filters('eab-rsvps-button-maybe',
    '<input class="' . (($booking_id && $booking_status == 'maybe') ? 'current wpmudevevents-maybe-submit' : 'wpmudevevents-maybe-submit ' . $default_class) .
    '" type="submit" name="action_maybe" value="' . __('Maybe', Eab_EventsHub::TEXT_DOMAIN) .
    '" '.(($booking_id && $booking_status == 'maybe') ? 'disabled="disabled"' : '').' />',

    What you can do is comment it out and it will be gone. Keep in mind that when an update comes out, that change will be gone and you’ll have to redo it again.

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