Events+ or Google Maps causing issues on Linux server

Hi there,
We just updated both the Events+ & Google Maps plugins earlier today and it seems it has broken the Events section of the site. The hosting company are looking at the logs to see whats going on but I wondered if you have any thoughts on what might have caused this.

The strange thing is, when we tested the new plugins on our dev server (Windows server) it worked fine but once we updated the live site, the events section stopped working.

We had deleted the previous plugin and also de-activated and re-activated numerous times.

Update: The hosting company have asked what the server requirements are for these plugins. Also, if they require any modules like ionCUBE, SOAP etc. or any functions() like exec(), shell_exec() etc

Also, we have had to revert to the previous version of the Events+ plugin for now (1.7.7) until we get this issue resolved. This seems to have fixed things for now so presumably the new Events+ plugin is the issue.