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I had asked a similar question some time ago but now need to get my immediate situation fixed. I have a website for a group of professional business's that meet on the First and the Third Wed. every month. I downloaded the Events + plugin and so far haven't been able to set it up properly. I'm sure it's something simple I'm overlooking (not thinking 100% lately)
I do see where you can have recurring events, but it appears you can only enter a date vs. 1st Wed. of the month etc...

Also for whatever reason I can't seem to get the upcoming events to show up in the sidebar calendar or even a page with the nicer looking calendar. I've tried to overwrite theme settings, default, calendar etc... not having any luck.

I also installed the Buddypress Calendar plugin as well (I thought that the description said it would work in WP) but It doesn't show up in my dashboard anywhere. Do I have to have a buddypress theme to use that plugin?
Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


  • Mason

    Hiya Dean,

    Is this the same thread you're referring to here:

    Just checking if I"m tracking correctly. I went to the URL you mentioned, but don't see any events plugin. Is there a particular page I should look to?

    For the record the BuddyPress Group Calendar plugin definitely requires BuddyPress.

  • Dean Kaus

    Hey @mason I would have replied earlier but for some reason I'm not getting notified like i used to when someone reply's to posts. I did have a problem where the events+ plugin locked up my site for some reason. I ended up having to restore the database and am now starting over. just finished installing the Events+ plugin and adjusted the settings and now going to create an event. It would be nice (not sure if this is possible yet) to set recurring events for the first Wed. of every month or do you have to set by date)

  • Dean Kaus

    @mason and @aecnu and whoever else is involved with this plugin. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it a little bit. There are a few issues and requests I'd like to see happen soon.

    For recurring events it would be nice to have the ability to set it to certain days of the month, for example the First Wed of the month. Or in my case a bimonthly meeting of the 1st and 3rd Wed. of the month. Putting in a date is almost useless here as most clubs, committees etc... don't always meet on the same date (Ie... the 12th of each month) since the weekday would change every month and sometimes be on a weekend.

    Also it would be nice to be able to have a location drop down list. Usually meet at one of a few places for recurring events so it would be nice to not have to look up the address and information each time.

  • Mark Wallace

    Hello @Dean Kaus It is good to see you agian. I remeber that thread you posted a while back. I have the event calendar installed on a clients site, will check it out, and ask her what type of results she has had with it as well. She should be up in about 6 hours.

    On another note:
    I am tracking down the “Be notified of follow-up posts via email” bug! If you answer the following questions I will give you 5 points. I only ask because the “Be notified of follow-up posts via email” was not auto marked for me on this thread.

    1. Was the “Be notified of follow-up posts via email” box auto marked for you when you first posted this thread?

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    6. What browser are you using?

    Remeber! 5 points to every one above this post who answers these questions.

    Also when you reply, be sure to click the subscribe link below. I am thinking it triggers somthing that makes all post after it auto marked!

  • Dean Kaus

    Hey @MTB1701 Great to see you back here as well. Last couple of weeks were really terrible and glad to be back on my feet (sort of)

    Anyway Answers
    1) Yes it was
    2) Yes it is
    3) not @Mason
    4) I did get an email response from your post
    5) The original post was via the WPMU Dev dashboard
    6) Firefox

    I was wondering why I wasn't receiving any notifications as i follow several other threads and have not received notifications for any of them for the last week or so. I did complain to gmail and now did receive notifications to this post.

    Still some of the other posts I was following are so far down the list now It's hard to find them all. Also the ones I did find many had 6 or 7 responses and I didn't receive a single notification.

    Thanks for your follow up!

  • Dean Kaus

    @MTB1701 i just received another notification from the other comment you made for congratulating James Dunn on his lifetime membership. The only thing I noticed is that in the 2 notifications that I did receive I was tagged as @dean Kaus.

    So I wonder if there is a bug in the be notified section but it still works when you tage the person?

    Another thing is that even though I have checked to share my location I never see that in any of my posts either.

    So a bunch of weird things are going on here I also appeared to have lost some points when I was sick. Somewhere along the line I remembered hitting 574 (as I graduated in May of 1974) so that milestone stood out in my mind.

    At any rate I just received another notification so going to check it out.


  • Dean Kaus

    @MTB1701 I didn't click it as it was already checked. Same way as when I first posted.

    No problem with the fruits and water getting plenty of that. Started off with food poisoning but thanks to that when I wasn't recovering as I should have and my heart was so week, the pharmacy had inadvertently changed the dose of one of my medications. Pills looked the same but the numbers (so small you can't really tell the difference) were differen't. So from what I understand it'll take me 4 weeks to build back up to the dosage I was at! That was a terrible time in itself with the side effect's and all.

    Anyway Thanks Again for the points and hopefully there will be a simple solution to this mysterious notification problem.

    I'm assuming I'm not the only one that has it?

  • Dean Kaus

    Yup I'm getting the notifications from this thread now at least. I did check back on a couple of the other threads but I think the latest posts were before I had emailed gmail. So I don't know if you fixed it or they did.

    I did uninstall and reinstall the plugin (after it locked up my website) I ended up restoring the database and had to update a couple of pages manually. But it appears that I can at least see some results. Just not looking as nice as I had hoped. Also when my brain starts working a little better Things may make more sense.

    when I go to the main site and select the member meeting link
    it doesn't display anything properly so I've missed something there.
    The calendar that displays in the sidebar is ok but i had to change the CSS so that when there was an event it would at least stand out.

    I had thought that the event calendar would open on a new page and be a little fancier but will have to look into that tomorrow. Need to grab some much needed sleep now.

    Thanks again! Later...

  • Mark Wallace

    I tell you dean it works like the one i installed on my clients website. Different colors, but it functions like it is suppose too!

    I do not believe the plugin was designed to alert events by the first day of a week in a month! It is a good suggestion though. I give it +1

    The one thing i noticed different is; on my clients site there are lines separating the weeks, and weeks that have events the line extends out a little.

    Did you change the css to make these lines match the background? Personally i think you are good to go! Most people will like to see the link below before deciding to go to the page.

    I wonder if you could use the popup or popover plugin to show when the date is clicked and place the event link in there.

  • Dean Kaus

    Thanks @MTB1701 I appreciate you time and thoughts here. It appears to have started working after I had to reinstall the database after the whole site locked up. Still not sure why that happened.

    At any rate many groups, organizations etc. meet on a certain day of the month, for example locally here a group of professional magicians meet on the 3rd Wed. of each month. A group of Wedding Professionals meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month and my business group meets on the 1st and the 3rd Wed. of each month.

    currently the Event's plus can handle if they meet weekly on a certain day without a problem, however if its once or twice a month then there is no option for that other than a date. For example in September the 1st Wed. is on September 5th then on October the 1st Wed. is the 3rd. So entering a date for a monthly meeting will not work properly. I know on my computer and my smartphone I can set monthly recurring appointments by for example every 3rd Wed. of each month etc...

    So for me this feature will be critical so that a person doesn't have to go enter recurring meetings. Also on my phone's calendar for example if I need to change one of the meetings because it falls on a holiday it gives the option to change only that occurrence or change all future meetings.

    I'll have to look at the CSS (started to last night but need to figure out which ones are doing what so I can add the custom CSS to my theme so I don't have to change it whenever there is an update).

    Also wondering why the Calendar template doesn't work with my theme. Am going to set up a test site later so I can play around a bit.

    Not sure if @mason @pc or @aecnu or actually the developer would have any ideas on how to implement the recurring events feature.

    Now my next tasks are to implement the E-Newsletter plugin to integrate with my business group site. Then also set it up so individual members can add their own personal events to the Event+ section.

    Thanks Again!

  • Mason

    Hiya Dean, I understand what you're asking for with the recurring events. It'd require a little more advanced than what we currently offer. When you switch from Recurring Weekly, to Recurring Monthly here's what you get in Google Calendar, which I think does the trick.

    Will mention this to the developer and see if we can look at adding this in a future revision.

    As to the calendar template thing, that's always a bit hit or miss. As long as themes are coded the same way as the default themes provided with WordPress, we can pretty well predict what the display will use and build integration for advanced stuff like this.

    When a theme deviates from the default themes though, it starts to get a little dicy.

    The way around it is to take a look at your theme's page.php and compare it to template provided in events-and-bookings/default-templates/calendar/arhive-incsub_events.php

    You'll need to recreate this file in your own theme, modifying it slightly so that it uses the items your theme expects.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further!

  • Dean Kaus

    Thanks @mason I of course didn't think that possible the premium theme developers got together to determine a set set of rules and use the same color selection module.

    On another note for this one group in particular I want each member to have the ability to add or edit only their own events and not be able to change any other events. Not sure if Events+ is the best plugin for that or if there is a better solution.

    Also when a new event is posted I'd like the ability to send an email or newsletter to all of the members to let them know about the new event.

    i know some folks here are able to find what needs to be changed using firebug and google chrome but I've yet to figure out how to use those tools. When ever I highlight a section of what I need to change I don't see where the code appears that needs to be changed.

    Thanks again for your valuable input!

  • Mason

    Hiya Dean,

    On another note for this one group in particular I want each member to have the ability to add or edit only their own events and not be able to change any other events. Not sure if Events+ is the best plugin for that or if there is a better solution.

    Actually you might be able to do that by using a user role editor plugin and make sure your users can only edit_posts not edit_other_posts. Basically they need to be Authors for the events post_type. I really like the free members plugin here:

    We've gotta simple "subscribe by email" plugin that lets folks know when anything new is posted:

    Could be modified to look for events post_types or there are probably other plugins that do this as well.

    Here's a great article on firebug and how to use it:

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further!

  • Dean Kaus

    Hi @mason thanks for the tips, really appreciate them. I was hoping to use the e-newsletter plugin for the monthly or weekly news blasts and may even try to import members posts there. It was brought up by another member of our business group, that possible there should only be 2 or 3 people to moderate and actually post the events so as to make sure that nothing gets posted that isn't conducive to the group such as political views etc...

    Will possibly look for a google calendar type of plugin in the meantime.


  • Mason

    Hiya Dean,

    Yeah, we actually have some killer features in process for the e-newsletter plugin, including better custom templating and integration across the board with several products. The idea is that you can eventually use e-newsletter from DEV to brand your communications that go out via any other WPMU DEV plugin.

    It's a lofty goal, but @Cole has sent over some initial stuff that looks extremely promising :slight_smile:

    Keep us updated on your project.

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