Events+ pagination not working

I’m having trouble getting Events+ to paginate.

The default Events+ archive page is at: It displays this month’s events but doesn’t show any pagination links.

I made a events list page with shortcode at: The page uses this shortcode: [eab_archive paged="true" limit="4" lookahead="true" weeks="52"] This page shows pagination links but they don’t call new records even though you can see that the url has changed to show the page number.

I made a calendar page at This page uses the shortcode: [eab_calendar navigation="true"] The calendar pagination works properly.

The site also uses the Q&A and MarketPlace plugins. Both of these paginate effortlessly.

I tried changing out the theme for twentytwelve to eliminate the theme as a possible source of conflict but it didn’t help so I changed it back.

I would really like to get the Events+ pagination to behave. Any ideas?