Events + Plugin behaving very strangely - I cannot see the Social Buttons but others can.

So I am having big and very strange issues with this Events+Plugin.

I cannot see the Social Buttons but others can.

I see this :

Others see this:

Why can others see the buttons and i as the admin on my site cannot see the buttons ?

It's not my computer - it's not my browser - it's not my isp - it's not a caching plugin running

It must be some caching function inside the Events+ plugin itself which remembers that i used it and now it does not show me the buttons.

I have to say though that since i installed this the buttons never showed for me.

I never saw the Social buttons.

Any advice ?

Thank you very much

  • corrado_izzo

    Hi Jack

    Thank you very much for asking but i am not well at all right now.

    I wasted my energy and time and tried to work this out till 4 in the morning and no still now it is not working.

    I tried all you said here countless times (as i wrote) and on different computers / different browsers / logged in and not logged in etc etc. yesterday and today.

    This is kind of nervewracking as this is certainly a bug in the software of some sort.

    I cannot do my event using this plugin in a reliable way - the plugin does not help me to do my work it actually keeps me from doing my work and i am not happy at all, right now.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @corrado_izzo

    I'm very sorry, I can completely understand your frustration with the issue.

    Please can you give me a link to the events page and send me admin login credentials so I can check all settings please?

    - Mark to my attention
    - Link back to this thread
    - Include admin/network access
    - Include any relevant URLS for your site

    Thank you. I will get back to you ASAP once the details have been received, to make sure I receive them could you send them to me via direct email to jack(at)

    Kind Regards

  • corrado_izzo

    Jack thanks for getting back.

    The Login Buttons were hidden behind a User unfriendly and unnecessary mouse click.

    Why do i have to click I'm attending first ???

    The whole UI flow is completely unhandy and confusing.

    step 1 : i have to click "i am attending"
    step 2 : i have to click "Login with facebook"
    step 3 : click again allow the facebook app
    step 4 : click again facebook app grant permissions
    step 5 : click again facebook app allow
    step 6 : click again now i have to pay - click paypal button

    until now noone actually as a stupid user that i am tells me when and where to go and what to do.

    step 7 : Now i have to login into my paypal account and click again to pay.

    This is conversion unfriendly to the max - why can i not do this in just 3 steps ?
    or even 1 or maximum 2 like many other plugins with the same functionality ?

    Why do i even have to force users to allow a facebook app ?
    Just a simple checkbox will do right ? Let the user decide if he wants to share this or not on his timeline. By pushing it onto them in that initial stage i create all the reasons for him to not proceed. What if he buys something that he doesen't want to share on Facebook ?

    Thing is that this is a lesson learned i rather pay some cash for a well done plugin that helps me do my work better than wasting hours of my life away and having something on my site that is completely user unfriendly.

    Thank you Jack - i don't know what to say anymore at this point

    i hope this comment will be taken into consideration for creating a more userfriendly Plugin.

    All the best - C

  • Vladislav


    In order to be able to reliably track bookings, the plugin absolutely requires your visitors to be logged in in order to RSVP. However, your users don't have to use any of the social sites to log in - in fact, those social log in buttons aren't there by default at all, they're there because you configured the plugin to use/show them. Having users logged in as a requirement for RSVPing won't go away, though. As for the Facebook popup - that's just how the Facebook authentication works. The plugin won't write to their walls at all (unless you activate the "Social RSVPs" add-on, which will post their RSVPs).

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