Events + plugin - causes pages to show as "page not found?

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As soon as the Events + plugin is activated the pages "My Alerts" etc show as page not found. But On second click they load.

This only happens when navigating from "Companies" to "My Alerts".

With plugin deactivated (as it is now) - no problem. Activate and problem persists.

In the plugin settings - if you select a page for Front page editor - it shows up on "My Alerts" regardless of what page you select.

The error log shows:
[27-May-2013 06:44:55] WordPress database error Duplicate key name 'meta_key' for query ALTER TABLE wp_eab_booking_meta ADD KEY meta_key (meta_key) made by activate_plugin, do_action('activate_events-and-bookings/events-and-bookings.php'), call_user_func_array, Eab_EventsHub->install, dbDelta

But i dont think that has anything to do with the page not found problem.

There was an earlier error logged which only appeared when the plugin was activated.

fd[17-May-2013 10:52:53] PHP Warning: is_writable(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/) is not within the allowed path(s): (/usr/wwws/users/alertgtkbv:disappointed:usr/www/users/alertgtkbv:disappointed:usr/home/alertgtkbv:disappointed:usr/local/rmagic:disappointed:usr/www/users/he/_system_:disappointed:usr/share/php:disappointed:usr/local/lib/php:disappointed:tmp:disappointed:usr/bin:disappointed:usr/local/bin:disappointed:usr/local/share/www:disappointed:usr/share/misc) in /usr/www/users/alertgtkbv/wp-admin/includes/misc.php on line 133

Help psle...