Events Plus email / SMS reminders w/o registering & logging in to Wordpress

I'm currently working on a multi-site network with 40 sites in it.

Events Plus appears to do what I need, with one exception:

The events on the calendar are free, open to the public, and require no reservations.

In this network, registration and commenting are turned off.

We'd like for people to be able to provide an email address and then receive an email with the event information in it and a reminder a day or two before the event.

We use Events Manager Pro, which does allow this, but since we are paying a significant amount of money for support to you guys each month, we'd like to retire Events Manager Pro and use Events Plus instead.

In fact, even better would be if they could enter a cell phone number as well and then receive an SMS text reminder!

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    That's why we're now using Events-Manager Pro on WP multi-site installations and using Event Espresso on individual websites.

    Our customers will spend more this year on those two plugins than we are paying for WPMU service. At some point, the cost of non-WPMU plugins will get so high, that we'll abandon our subscription and simply buy the WPMU plugins individually as needed.

    I will point out that with a few exceptions, there are usually free plugins that do the same job as the WPMU plugins, but we use your plugins because we like the support -- However, when you have a plugin that is inadequate for our generally simple and mainstream requirements, and we have to buy other plugins to use instead, that harms the value equation and it makes it harder and harder to justify renewing your subscription.

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