[Events +] Problem with recurring events

I’m having two problems:

First, I want to have recurring events that happen on specific days each month. For example, I want to have a coffee break scheduled for the second Thursday of every month. I see an option that reads ON, then a blank followed by AT and then a blank. If I select ON, all I get is a calendar for this month. If I select AT I get a 24-hour clock, which is useless to me since I’m in the US. How do I set a recurring event for a specific time and a specific day of the week per month?

Second: as I stated above, I can’t use a 24-hour clock, since I’m in the US and we use a 12-hour clock. My general settings are set to a 12-hour clock, but I’m still getting a dialogue box for a 24 hour clock. How can I fix this?