[Events +] Querying Data for Events in Events+ and displaying on custom template


I am trying to create events and then display their content information in a custom template. Now I know i can use the plugin appearance option to override and use a custom template.

But can someone please help me with how can I display the various custom fields of the events content like start date and end date author etc and the No, May Be and I am attending buttons in my own custom template. The reason being I need to display some additional even information as well for which I am using Advanced custom fields that are associated with the incusb_event custom post type. They are all appearing fine on the custom template.

But then if I use the single event shortcode, it just generates the same dislplay of the event as a default template.

How can I query the same information that is displayed for a single event but query it myself so that I can move it around my template and display it in different ways.

The website is for a 4×4 club whose events needs a lot more details as well as fields.

I know this may be a simple fix but any solution on this will be highly appreciated.