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1) Logged in as admin or author Paul, if I click on the blue event titles, it just takes me back to the my events page and not to the single event listing details which I'd expect.
2) If I am a user creating a New Event, when I click on Change Featured Image I get redirected to the site home page. I can see now that if I am Admin and click on Change Feature Image I correctly get the media library popup. However, If I am a user like Paul or others (Author role) then I get redirected to home page. This sounds like a permissions problem or setting.
3) If I go to a group/club page that has a Club Event attached such as the Alaska club. then click on the Club Events link in the red BuddyPress menu it takes me to the site home page instead of a club events archive page.
4) Question - Is there a way to create a calendar or archive page that has a consolidated view of all group/club events?

  • Nahid
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    Hey Paul !
    Hope you are having a great day!

    Here are my test results, insights and answers for your issues. Please note that I've tested everything as the user 'Paul' and not as the admin as the Support Access was revoked or expired.

    1. Regarding the redirect to events page after clicking on the blue event titles, I couldn't replicate it. It did take me to the respective single events page. Can you still replicate the issue on your end? Here's a screencast from my end showing that it is working.

    2. Regarding the Media Upload option after clicking on 'Set Featured Image', the media uploader is working fine for me even when I'm logged in as the user 'Paul'. Here's a screencast from my end showing that it is working.

    3. Regarding the 'Club Events' link in the Groups page, that is the only thing I found issues with on your site. Unfortunately, I tried replicating the same on my test site and it worked completely fine and as expected. To make sure this isn't caused by any other plugin or your theme, could you try a plugin/theme conflict test? You can follow this troubleshooting flowchart to do that.

    4. Unfortunately, there is no way to create a different page containing events from a specific BuddyPress group. The only way to do that is the 'Club Events' in your BuddyPress group which shows a calendar of events. To achieve this, you may need some custom code and our PROs from the Jobs Board might be able to do this for you.

    I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

    Best regards,

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