[Events +] Recurring events indefinitely

For recurring events, I'm confused by the "Until" date picker option, is that for when the event ends or when the recurring event stops recurring?

If it's the latter, how can I have the recurring event happen indefitely?

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    Hello Glenton

    I hope you're well today!

    The "Until" field is for setting the date when the last even takes place. Or rather – after which an even will no longer repeat.

    When you set an even as recurring, you need to set following options:

    – "Start on" – that's the date of first occurrence of an event

    – "Repeat every" – here you select how often an even should be repeated ("Day", "Week", "Week Count" – e.g. every 3 weeks, "Day of the Week" – e.g. every last Tuesday of the month, "Month", "Year":wink:

    – "At" – that's when even (each instance) starts; e.g. 2:15PM

    – "Until" – that's the end date and the event will be repeated only until this date

    – "Event duration" – that's how long is an event.

    For example:

    This 1-hour long even will happen everyday since Jul 27th until Jul 31st at 6:22 AM.

    If it's the latter, how can I have the recurring event happen indefitely?

    There's currently no option to set an event that would have no "until" date but you can set a date that'd be in very distant future. When you click on the "Until" field to set the date and expand the year drop-down select list in date picker, scroll it down as much as you can, select this year, then open this drop-down list again and it will let you scroll even further – you can repeat that a couple of times and go as far as for example 2100 :slight_smile:

    Once you got that year selected, select month and day from date picker and update event and it will become recurring until that selected year.

    I hope that helps!

    Best regards,


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