[Events +] Recurring memberships, events and SagePay

This question also applies to the membership plugin. I'm trying to find the best way to integrate WPMU Dev with the solution I am building. My client wants to sell recurring site membership and events to those members and their guests. They have SagePay as their established payment gateway. I am struggling to find a way to make this work with your available plugins but really want to stay in the WPMU Dev ecosystem

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello JC

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Our Membership 2 Pro and Events+ plugins can be integrated in two ways:

    1. Membership 2 Pro can simply be used to protect access to events (either all of them or just selected ones)

    2. If Events are publicly visible and charged separately to membership, you can offer lower prices (or free) to members while keeping higher prices to non-members.

    However, none of these plugins support SagePay gateway currently and I'm afraid such integration would have to be custom developed. Furthermore, the code would depend very much on the way you want to use these two plugins.

    For example:

    - if events are paid to non-members but free to members, payment gateway would have to be integrated to Events+ and Membership 2 Pro
    - if events are available only to members, gateway would have to be integrated into Membership 2 Pro only

    That's quite a bit of custom coding and while it would be possible to add such gateway, I'm afraid the complexity and amount of the code goes beyond the scope of this support. You may consider posting a job request if you need it custom developed for you. A Codeable.io would be a great service to start with (and you can also grab a fine discount for it from our Partners page).

    There's also already been a few requests to add additional payment gateways to the Membership 2 Pro but I don't recall SagePay among them so I took a liberty of moving this thread to our "Features & Feedback" forum to be considered a feature request.

    Please note: I cannot guarantee that it will be implemented but if more Members will support the idea, our developers may consider adding it to the plugin in future.

    Best regards,

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