Events+ Repeating Events – Delete an Instance?

We’re using Events+ for a client who has a swim event that begins at 5AM each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We used the Repeat Event feature to successfully set this up for each MWF am. Certain of those dates fall on holiday and we don’t want those dates to appear on the calendar. (Eg Dec 25, 2015 is a Friday and the event displays on that calendar date as available)

We tried to EDIT INSTANCES link – But can’t figure out how to make that work so as to ensure the repeating event is not displayed as available on that date.

I must be missing something – any help – greatly appreciated.

ASIDE [ALSO – when I select the EDIT INSTANCES link – a large list of event dates appears – and is only partially sorted in chronological date order – we have 3 events a week for 52 weeks so the list is over 150 dates. It appears that the Mondays are all listed for the next year – then the Wednesdays, Then the Fridays. It’s not unmanageable – but seems wrong IMO. I expected to see a date chronological list.]