Events+ RSVP attendees details to be shown on events page

I have a website where I will host events. As of now the RSVP section which shows the list of attendees is going to a new page after the ajax request is failing.
I want to show the attendee details on the event screen. A shortcode based solution will be best.

Thank you

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Stephen

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    There's currently no shortcode for this and it would have to be custom coded.

    However, I checked the site and I think that even despite of that, it might require some "action". The fact that these ajax calls are failing, plus a huge (currently over 3GB) and fast growing debug.log suggest that the setup is not working properly. This might actually turn out to cause some other issues in a long run as well.

    One thing to start with would be to make sure that everything's up to date. Currently there's over 40 plugins that are outdated so is there any particular reason you keep them that way? For both security and performance it's recommended to keep the site up to date. I'd suggest starting with that and if you're afraid that something might go "wild", create a full backup of the site first or - it's a good idea with "mass updates" too - create a staging site and test updates on it first to make sure that nothing breaks.

    The second step would be to take a full conflict test. I see that there's not many plugins network-active but there's quite a lot of them active on the site in question. Such test would either reveal what's causing the issue or would at least rule out possible conflict so we knew to "dig deeper". Take a look here, please:

    Would you be able to perform the update and run such test then? Let me know about results please.

    Also, if you do need/prefer shortcode solution anyway, even in case it would start working via ajax button, let me know and I'll consult that with our developers.

    Kind regards,

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