Events+ RSVP login presented to user.

We did our first payment based event using Events+ with the RSVP function. (The membership is generally older and not too computer literate.) When a member receives an invitation that was sent using eNewsletter, they click on the link (or image that has the embedded link) and it takes them to the event.

The user then clicks on the “I’m Attending” button and they are presented with the the Event details and the button that says “Login with Lodi KOV”. They click on the “Login with Lodi KOV” button believing that they are going to be brought to a login box but instead, they are presented with a REGISTER box as shown in the attached image. This does not make logical sense. If you click on “Login with Lodi KOV”, you want to go to a login box, not a register box.

Is there a way to tell Events+ to use the LOGIN box instead of the REGISTER box. The user base was very ticked about the process. Out of 40 RSVP’s, only 3 ended up being able to log into the RSVP and buy tickets, one of which was me, the admin of the site.

If a user clicks on a LOGIN button, they should be presented with LOGIN, not REGISTER.

Please advise how to solve this.