Events + RSVP Without Account, Public Event Submissions, Ping for Network-wide

Hello WPMU Dev Support,

I've implemented Events + in a wordpress multisite, and I wanted to get your feedback for the following to see if it's possible and plausible to have it added to the events+ plugin.

1.) Events RSVP without creating an account: is this possible?
2.) I want the site to be a place where people can publish events for approval for publication. Is it possible to manage this process better, as well as a streamlined account creation process integrated? That's one of the downfalls of anything that has login is that the wordpress registration process confuses many people as it doesn't direct them to the next step.
3.) I wanted to give a ping about network-wide event calendar. Is this on the schedule? Any ETA?


-Nick Rosener

  • Hakan

    Hi nickrosener,

    1) RSVP'ing to an event of an unknown person is not possible at the moment and currently we don't think to make it possible. I don't think that's a good idea BTW. I mean what is the meaning of having some RSVP's to whom you have no possibility to contact to? You should at least have an email.

    However in the next version, registering to website will be possible from the front end, and I believe that most of the question marks are because of the difficulty of the current procedure. Am I wrong? Registering will be simpler.

    2) You can assign certain user roles to create/edit events using "Capabilites" addon, which is integrated. However you ask an approval of this if I am not wrong. Currently this is not possible. But can be regarded as a feature request.

    3) Network wide events calendar is not in our development program either. We couldn't see enough requests for that.

    You see, all of these are feature requests and require support of several users :slight_smile:

    Take care,

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