Events+ separate line for credit card processing

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to add a separate line to the price that would calculate a percentage to pass on?

Basically, if my event is $100 and I get charged by PayPal 3% for the transaction, I want to pass that along to the buyer. So the event would say $100 ticket and on a separate line, $3 convenience fee.


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    We don't have that capability and the reason for it is pretty simple. If merchants were to begin charging consumers a surcharge when they paid with a credit/debit card/paypal etc, then usage of those bankcard or accounts would inevitably decline.

    When bankcard usage declines the Card Associations and banks begin to lose money. Needless to say, they're not really a fan of that.

    With these and other factors in consideration the practice of surcharging customers for processing fees is prohibited.

    There are companies that get around this by adding a "convenience fee" or something similar, but it's not something we'd consider incorporating out of the box - and especially not as a percentage specifically to get around PayPal.

    You could have something like this custom developed for you, but it'd be important to differentiate the costs for your customer on your own site and send the total amount of price + extra fees to paypal.

    We have job boards for custom development if you're interested in this:


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