Events+ Shortcode Output Customization

I would like to completely customize the output of a single event shortcode.

I have read through the documentation included with the plugin and the past tickets here on WPMUDev. I have no problem forcing the shortcode to a custom template file in the root of my theme directory using the template attribute.

Generic example:
[ eab_single id="##" template="filename_without_php_extension_goeshere" ]

According to what I've read, if you want to create specific/custom output for the shortcodes, you won't be creating a custom template file like for the archive or events page ( archive or singe -incsub_event.php ). Rather, you'd be overriding / extending the templating class:


"By default, the shortcodes won't even bother with the templates, and will use the callbacks in the templating class instead (Eab_Template; this class can also be extended and overridden . . .)"

Is this correct? Or can you have the shortcode use a template file similar to single-incsub_event.php and just rearrange/add/remove the information you so desire with php calls?

If you must extend/override the templating class in order to customize the shortcode output, what class (or other) files would need to be copied over to the root of the theme directory to do so?

Or, perhaps more simply, how do I call/access all of the event post information from within a custom template file referencing the shortcode ID="##"? My php skills don't seem to be up to snuff.

My apologies if the method by which shortcode output is customized was posted in detail elsewhere. I may just have missed it.