Events showing No Events Found

I have two issues.

First, the really problematic one:
My main events archive page now shows "No Event Found."

Additionally, when passed year (say when browsing from the breadcrumb) it does the same. However, with a month in the URL, it displays my events.

I am using a custom archive-incsub_event.php in my child theme. You can see the code for it here:

I have tried the Default to All Events addon, but that shows everything including expired events. Showing past events here is not ideal, since they will begin to pile up quickly for this particular client.

Second problem:
When browsing events based on date, it does use my custom archive-incsub_event.php; however, when browsing based on event category, it uses my theme's archive.php. Ex.

Is there a way to handle this, I want all events post type archives to use my custom template file.

This is a testing/development site. I've activated support access for it in the WPMU DEV dashboard, please feel free to poke around and have a look.