Events+ shown dates

I'm sure there was already a post about this, but I can't find it.

Anyway since the lack of answers and support, I suppose that a new post will get more visibility, even though I've lost faith in this site.

Before telling me to move this to the uservoice as a feature request, let me tell that I consider this as a bug, not as a feature request.

Event+s plus has a lot of issue (some says that they are missing features: point of views), but a big one is that an "all day" event, or an event without a time, is always shown in a form like "Event start on {startdate} 00.00 and ends on {enddate} 00.00".

This shouldn't happen, it is there since the plugin has been released, has been reported since the beginning, but has never been resolved.

When we can expect to see this bug solved?

  • 3SixtyEvolve
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    Hi Sciamannikoo

    Thank you for your post and for your concerns raised here. I have done some checking to find your previous post (Event information need a better customization) and also found another post that is also related to yours:

    Multi-day Events with no time

    Since your previous post has been going for a while I will ask the Developer to step in and give us feedback on this matter.

    Thank you for your patience. I appreciate it!


  • sciamannikoo
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    Thank you GinaB.

    Once again I didn't get a notification from the forum about your answer.

    At this point I might have missed many other answer, meaning that I'll have to check my old posts one by one (excluding the two you've linked, obviously).

    The same could apply to the developers (Events+, Google Map plugin, etc.) that aren't answering (hopefully for the same reason).

    This new forum has definitely some issues: any chance to rollback to the old but working forum?

  • Hakan
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    Before telling me to move this to the uservoice as a feature request, let me tell that I consider this as a bug, not as a feature request.

    You are free to say like that, but this is not even a feature request, but a customization request.

    Events+, like any other plugin that uses Wordpress custom post types, uses custom post types.

    So you are free to edit your theme templates to adapt to your needs.

    We can always help you in your customizations, but these are completely not bugs at all.


  • sciamannikoo
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    Ok, back to this post (this new forum is really confusing).

    I still disagree with you Hakan.
    You are not motivating your point of view.

    If you provide an back-end that allows to add an event with only dates, you should write the front-end part in order not do display the event's time.
    Otherwise you should clearly state that the plugin doesn't provide this feature.
    Instead, since this isn't written anywhere, user could think that the Events+ plugin will hide the time's data if I leave it empty.

    This is a design issue, let's put it like that, but you should tell me that is a "customization request".
    I'm not asking for NEW features: I'm simply asking to make the plugin works as is supposed (or as it seems to be supposed to work).
    If it wasn't supposed to work like that, the developer should have clearly stated it, but now it's too late, I would say.

    I've based my current two works on this plugin and if you're telling me that this issue, will be handled as a customization request, this will cause me issues.

    So please, I'd like to have a clear and official statement of how and when this so called request will be handled.

    See also here.

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