Events+ Twitter and Google logins not working

In Events+, I'm allowing users to login and RSVP with Facebook, Twitter and Google. I have Facebook working and account creation (and subsequent login) is working, but Twitter and Google are not working.

With Twitter, it loads the smaller window with a URL of and returns what looks to be a 404 Error from Twitter. I have Twitter login setup correctly and it works with another plugin I am using on the site, but not with Events+.

In Google, it loads the small window and logs into the G+ profile but when it attempts the callback the window refreshes and present a 400 error with the message: OpenID auth request contains an unregistered domain: I have a Google Authorizan app that is working correctly with another plugin, but not Events+ -- or course, I note that there are no configuration settings for the Google login in Events+

Here is an example event on the dev site where you can test the various logins and view the errors.