Events+ Uninstall / Cleanup

So, I while back (quite a while) I installed the Events + plugin but wasn’t really using it so uninstalled it.

After upgrading PHP, the Theme, WordPress version, etc.., I decided to re-install it and see if I could use it again. However, I had issues with adding events and stuff (for instance the permalink structure was not being generated correctly – ie. /2013/03/0 was the path). In digging around, I found this in the events-and-bookings.php:

function uninstall() {

global $wpdb;

// Nothing to do


So it never uninstalled anything.

Um, this is pretty bad form normally, especially since I had orphaned data in the wp_eab_booking_meta and wp_eab_bookings tables

My question is the plugin going to be updated to clean up after itself, or should I worry about this myself? I there some other concern that I’m not thinking about…?