[Events +] Where is the payment button on Events+

Hi guys,
I keep trying to use Events+ and keep not using it after I've installed it. However I have installed it again on a site and have got it to a point where I am happy but it doesn't show a Paypal buy button?

So I have the events set to be Public Announcement Events, does that mean no payment button despite being able to make the event a paid for event and set number of tickets etc?

I get so frustrated with this plugin and is just seems to lack the fundamentals for basic event ticket selling. I have no use for the all the RSVP are you aren't you going buttons.

Is there a way to just sell tickets sinply without logging in and all the RSVP stuff?
Thanks in advance

  • Jonathan Solorzano
    • Staff

    Hi ThePath ,

    Happy Friday and Thank you for contacting WPMU Support!

    I'm sorry for the trouble you've had with the Events+ plugin. Please keep in mind the Event settings have to be setup to receive payments through Paypal integration(add Paypal email) and also select the checkbox to receive payments inside each Event page.

    You are correct on the Public Announcement add-on.PA Events will have no RSVP capabilities which won't allow for the pay button to be enabled. If you checkout these demo events I created(on a test page), you can see the differences and how the pay button shows up after clicking on "I'm attending":


    In regards to your additional question about not using RSVP and login to pay for the event, unfortunately that feature is "partially" not available at this time. The RSVP is required in order to enable the "pay now" button. However, you can use the add-on "RSVP with email address" which will allow a user to RSVP with just their email, and voiding the need to login/register. Once they've done so, the "pay now" button will be visible(you can test it in my demo from above).

    Check out our Events+ docs for additional details: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/events-plus/

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Jonathan S

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