Events+ widget (Calendar Upcoming) seems to do nothing


I'm using Events+ on a network. The idea is to have a bunch of subsites creating events, and to have all of those events listed on a single calendar on the main network site. I was happy to find that there is a widget included with Events+ that is supposed to do just that. It's called the 'Calendar Upcoming' widget.

So, I've activated the widget on my main network site ( and it is only rendering the calendar - the calendar is not showing any events, even on days that I know events are scheduled. I have set up five test events through a subsite, all of which are scheduled in September 2012. Yet, you can see by looking at the 'Calendar Upcoming' widget that those events are not showing up at all, it's just a plain calendar. You can see the events listed in the widget below under 'Network Upcoming'. But, the calendar is just bare.

Could someone please help me? Shouldn't my networks events automatically show up on the calendar in some fashion?